The race to decarbonize our planet has begun. We need to embrace hydrogen as a global energy solution now more than ever.


Because there’s no climate solution without clean hydrogen. And there is no clean hydrogen without ACTION!

Clean Hydrogen is the missing piece of the clean energy puzzle. Hydrogen can store more clean energy without weighing us down, save more energy without going to waste, and decarbonize where we never thought possible.

Hydrogen can awaken the largest economic opportunity of our lifetime, create countless skilled jobs and help answer the call to provide cleaner air for all. It can fuel the flow of clean energy throughout our world.

It can fuel the flow of clean energy throughout our world. The young generation is already in action with H2STUDENT PROGRAMME.

Globally leading educational, competitive and entertainment program that builds the competences of young people with hydrogen. 

H2STUDENT is a free program that takes place within the framework of the infrastructure project “EMISSION-FREE MOBILITY CORRIDOR OF SLOVENIA” and HYDROGEN VALLEY OF THE NORTH ADRIATIC.

The H2STUDENT program is implemented by the Faculty of Logistics, University of Maribor.


The best promotional project in Slovenia in 2020 as selected by the URE/OVE expert committee.


5,000 children will participate in the program by the end of May 2023


In 2023, the H2STUDENT world tour will begin in the Middle East and North African countries. H2STUDENT roadshow in MENA countries for COP 28